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It has been a while since I did a newborn photography session in Wilmington, NC.  Sessions seem to come in spurts, and I was busy with lots of family lifestyle photography sessions last year, so I was very excited to meet sweet Pepper when she was just 6 days old!  She had the most amazing HAIR – beautiful thick, dark locks with natural highlights.

Her mama had gotten these angel wings to use during her newborn photography session, and I had so much fun with them!  Pepper was truly an angel for her newborn pictures, just a dream baby all around.  I had such fun capturing all her little details that grow and change so quickly on newborn babies!

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Can I say that Pepper’s big sister was just fabulous, too?  She was so sweet with her baby sister, and such a fun little character to hang out with while baby got fed, changed, and ready for the next series of pictures.  These sweet girls are going to be best of friends, I just know it!

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I was so glad Pepper’s grandma got to join us for our newborn photography session!  She was visiting from out of town, so we made sure to include her in pictures with her adorable granddaughters.  I always welcome grandparents to join in on my lifestyle newborn photography sessions!

Wilmington NC Photographer-25

Wilmington NC Photographer-26

Wilmington NC Photographer-1

We can’t forget the pets!  While I’m waiting for baby to be fed, changed, etc. there is no worry about wasted time – I’m always looking for something else to shoot, to capture all the details of life as it is when baby is first brought home.  Pepper’s big sister, Peyton, even took us outside to show us her PINK jeep, where she took allllll her babies for a ride!  I think every big sister needs a set of wheels, preferably pink — don’t you?!

Wilmington NC Photographer-30

Wilmington NC Photographer-32b

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