How do I decide what type of session would be best for my family?

I would LOVE to help you with this decision!  Shoot me an email and include your phone number and the best time to call.  I’d love to ask you some questions and answer as many of yours as I can!  This is truly the beauty of custom photography – that we can tailor your session to specifically meet YOUR needs and desires and serve your unique family!

How many images can I expect from my photo session with Colie Photos?

It depends on the session.  Family Adventure sessions typically last 2-3 hours and result in 80-100 images.  Newborn lifestyle sessions also typically last 2-3 hours and you can expect 60-80 images from those due to the time we spend feeding and/or calming the baby.  Baby milestone sessions are short and sweet  at 30-60 minutes and result in 40-60 images, along with a video slideshow that includes pictures AND video clips from our session.

What is the best time to book a newborn photography session?

The best time to book a newborn session is while you are still pregnant!  In-home newborn sessions are best done while babies are 2-3 weeks old, and I am currently booking 2-3 months out, so it is best to get your session booked by the time you are 6-7 months along.  After I receive your booking fee, your due date will be penciled in on my calendar.  You will simply contact me as soon as baby arrives to schedule a date and time for your session!

We will have family visiting during our newborn session.  Can they join in, too?

Yes!  I always welcome grandparents and immediate family to be part of the newborn session.  Other family members are also a great help if there is an older sibling who is a toddler and needs a little extra care and attention while mom and dad spend a few minutes focusing on baby.  However, I find that with lifestyle photography sessions taking place in your own home, kids tend to be pretty relaxed and have familiar places to play and decompress when they are not joining in on the photo fun.

What if my kids misbehave during our session?

First of all, I’m a mom of two boys, and I also have 6 younger siblings.  Not much surprises me!  With in-home sessions and the more relaxed atmosphere created by a familiar environment, I find that especially young or shy children tend to thrive.  I always tell parents that my goal is to keep our photo session upbeat and fun!  Since my goal is to capture your children as they are, I do my best not to pull them far out of their comfort zones.  I want to find a way to create beautiful art that is also authentic to their own little personalities.  This requires a lot of creativity on my part, but that is one of the things I LOVE about my job!  I get to try new things every day!  No two sessions are alike, and I kinda love it that way.

How do I start coordinating outfits for our family pictures?

Outfits are one of the big things we touch on in our pre-session consultation.  I can be as involved as you would like me to be in the outfit-choosing process.  Many moms will text me ideas and ask for feedback, and I’m happy to help however I can!

How do I prepare my home for an in-home lifestyle photography session?

This question and many more regarding in-home lifestyle photography sessions will be answered in depth in a free PDF coming soon!

What ages do you recommend doing baby milestone sessions?

Really, we can do these at any age.  I will say my favorite ages for these sessions are 6-8 months and 12 months, but they are a GREAT idea for a birthday session for ANY child!  We taylor it to their specific milestones, achievements, activities, and interests.