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One of my most favorite, FAVORITE things about being a photographer is the opportunity to meet so many amazing people.  And then to watch their families grow.  I have had the incredible privilege of being invited into so many lives, and I’m so honored and so thankful for every beautiful moment I’ve been privileged to be a part of.

I first met this awesome family when I photographed their military homecoming.  There are not many more emotional moments I’ve experienced than a military homecoming, and this was no different.

But now, to get Courtney’s message saying they are expecting a baby boy, and would I take maternity pictures for them?  Yes! Of course!  I was so excited!



Wilmington NC maternity photography

As you can see, this baby is already so, SO loved.   If there’s one thing I could wish for all the babies in the world, it would be to grow up with so many loving people around them, and this baby definitely has that awesome privilege.  What a beautiful, fun, loving family to be born into!  I enjoyed every minute tramping around downtown Wilmington with them for their maternity photography session.





Nicole is a custom lifestyle newborn and family photographer serving Wilmington, NC and surrounding areas.

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