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I offer several different options for family photography in Wilmington, NC but my favorite type of session is this – when I get the incredible privilege of being invited into a client’s home to document their time together as a family.  And what better time of year to do this than for Christmas family pictures!


Christmas family picture ideas

Christmas Family picture ideas

This family invited me into their home to share some Christmas festivities like baking cookies, reading Christmas stories, and decorating the Christmas tree.   It was such fun to see the kids in their own environment, sharing pictures they had painted, favorite toys and stuffed animals, and favorite morning activities.  And it was even more special to me to know I was photographing all these things so that in years to come these special moments could be enjoyed again and again.




Wilmington NC photographer




Wilmington NC photographer

Wilmington NC photographer




As a mom, I know it’s easy to get so busy creating these beautiful holiday memories for your family to enjoy, but it’s also extremely important for your kids to be able to look back at those memories and see YOU enjoying those moments with them!  If that means a camera on a tripod, great!  If it means an iPhone timer, great!  (I use both these options all the time!) – but if it means hiring a Wilmington, NC photographer to capture some of these memories with you in the picture, I’d be honored to be considered for the job!


Wilmington NC photographer




Sometimes I think about why I love photography so much.  If you were to boil it down to just one word, that word would be JOY.  Family interactions and experiences bring great joy, and when those memories are documented in pictures, the joy can be relived again and again!

If Christmas is your favorite holiday (it’s my favorite, too!!) consider capturing some of these special family memories in photos.  It’ll be one Christmas you will never forget!

Wilmington NC photographer

Nicole is a custom family lifestyle photographer serving Wilmington, North Carolina and surrounding areas.

Wilmington Lifestyle Photographer | Sweet Kassidy

I am falling in love with lifestyle documentary photography more and more every day.  I mean, all the fine art portraits, dressed up and posed, are cute and beautiful and an amazing art form.  But with lifestyle documentary photography, we get to create art with the real, raw, unaffected moments of life.  For me, these moments contain the most poignant memories, and I get such a thrill out of creating art from them.

I was thrilled for the opportunity to be invited into the home of this sweet family to document then-11-month-old baby Kassidy.  She was getting ready to turn 1, and they had just found out she was going to be a big sister!  I think that made this session just a bit more special, because if Kassidy’s mama is anything like me, she’s so excited to be welcoming a new baby into the family, but there’s this little part of us mamas that will just miss the one-on-one time we enjoyed with our first.  It’s a season of life to be enjoyed for a bit, and then traded for something equally amazing.

And so we caught so many special moments to be remembered forever.

I was sad that Daddy couldn’t be here for this session, but such is the nature of military life.  I’m so thankful for this beautiful family who is willing to sacrifice so much for the sake of our country.  Thank you just isn’t enough.

One of my favorite parts of these lifestyle documentary family photography sessions is putting together a video slideshow at the end.  It’s been fun to add a few video clips, as well, to capture the movement, fun, and personality just a little more accurately.  These video slideshows can be purchased as an add-on to your portrait package, and are such a wonderful way to enjoy the memories created together!


Wilmington NC Lifestyle Photographer

Wilmington NC Lifestyle Photographer

Wilmington NC Lifestyle Photographer

Wilmington NC Lifestyle Photographer

Wilmington NC Lifestyle Photographer

Wilmington NC Lifestyle Photographer

Wilmington NC Lifestyle Photographer

Wilmington NC Lifestyle Photographer

Wilmington NC Lifestyle Photographer

Wilmington NC Lifestyle Photographer

Wilmington NC Lifestyle Photographer

Wilmington NC Lifestyle Photographer

Wilmington NC Lifestyle Photographer

Wilmington NC Lifestyle Photographer

Wilmington NC Lifestyle Photographer

Wilmington NC Lifestyle Photographer

Wilmington NC Lifestyle Photographer

Wilmington NC Lifestyle Photographer

Wilmington NC Lifestyle PhotographerWilmington NC Lifestyle Photographer

Wilmington NC Lifestyle Photographer

Wilmington NC Lifestyle Photographer

If you’re looking for a lifestyle documentary photographer in Wilmington, NC, check out my Family Adventure Sessions!  I’d love to chat with you about the memories you are wanting to preserve for your own family!


Wilmington, NC photographer | James, Audrey & Emma

You know those old college friends that you stay connected with (or reconnect with later), and find you’ve all moved on to the next phase of life, work, and family?  Well, it’s been that way for my family and James & Audrey.  What’s even better is that James is a professional web developer, and after realizing last year that my photography website sorely needed a revamp, I knew he was the perfect person for the job.  James & Audrey were in need of a family photographer since they were getting ready to welcome their sweet baby girl into the family, so it was the perfect mix of skills!

I’m LOVING my new website design (if you haven’t explored around here, please take a look and let me know what you think!), and it’s been fun to watch baby Emma grow as I capture milestone sessions throughout her first year!

We headed off to downtown Wilmington for this fine art portrait session.  Baby Emma was 6 months old, and I think 6 months is my very favorite baby stage to document!  I LOVE the rolls, easy grins, and curiosity of this stage.  And my favorite part of any baby milestone session is capturing the love shared between baby and the rest of her family!

Wilmington NC photographer-23

Wilmington NC photographer-22

Wilmington NC photographer-20

Wilmington NC photographer-11

Wilmington NC photographer-10

Wilmington NC photographer-9

Wilmington NC photographer-8

Wilmington NC photographer-7

Wilmington NC photographer-6

Wilmington NC photographer-5

Wilmington NC photographer-4

Wilmington NC photographer-3

Wilmington NC photographer-2

Wilmington NC photographer-1

with Christmas on its way, we definitely wanted to get a few shots for family Christmas card pictures, as well as just some fun, beautiful family photography.

Wilmington NC photographer-19

Wilmington NC photographer-18

Wilmington NC photographer-17

Wilmington NC photographer-16

Wilmington NC photographer-15

Wilmington NC photographer-14

Wilmington NC photographer-13

Wilmington NC photographer

If you’re looking for fun, creative family portrait photography in Wilmington, NC, let’s talk!


Wilmington, NC Photographer | Baby Gender Reveal Video

One of the greatest privileges of being a photographer is working with returning clients.  This time, we collaborated on a fun baby gender reveal session.  What an honor it is to share in these special moments and document them with my camera!  I first met Beth when she brought her sweet baby girl in for newborn pictures a couple years ago.  (You can see Aubrey’s newborn photography session on the blog, too!)  We’ve kept in touch, even though her family temporarily moved out of state, as did mine, and finally we found ourselves both back in the Wilmington, NC area again!  What a privilege to work with this sweet family again!

Beth is expecting #3 in just a few short weeks.  When the time came for her ultrasound, their tech put the big news into a sealed envelope which was delivered to me.  My job was to buy the right color of balloons – something I almost jinxed because they had written the word “boy” on a pink slip of paper, and it was really messing with my mind!!  Thankfully I did walk out of the store with the correct color.  Whew!  That was almost too much for this mommy brain (yes, I’m expecting my second in just a couple months, as well, and was then in the throes of morning sickness, which for me lasts all day, all night, and weeks longer than it typically should. Ugh.)

With that job out of the way, we met at a park in beautiful Wilmington, NC, and I had two awesome helpers deliver the fun news to Mom and Dad!  It was priceless to capture their reaction to the news.  I know this baby boy is going to be loved beyond measure.  He has such an awesome family!

After the session, I put together a fun video slideshow for them so they could share with their family and friends.  You can enjoy it here, too!

Of course, with Christmas coming up, we also had to get a few family pictures for Christmas cards, which we made fun with yummy Starbucks hot cocoas all around.

Wilmington NC photographer

Wilmington NC photographer

Wilmington NC photographer-16

Wilmington NC photographer-17

Wilmington NC photographer-18

If you’re looking for a Wilmington, NC photographer to capture some fun family memories for you, please drop me a line!


Wilmington NC Photographer | Military Family Pictures

I just love downtown Wilmington!  I feel like it’s a photographer’s dream-come-true.  So many historical buildings, beautiful architecture, the water, bridges, sunset over the North Carolina Battleship – it’s all just amazing.

We headed over to downtown Wilmington with this sweet military family to get some fine art pictures with Dad in his dress blues uniform before he officially left the Marine Corps.  It’s such a privilege to serve these military families who spend months on end living apart in order to serve and protect our country.

It’s the least I can do to help them capture the beauty and magic of the military lifestyle (and yes, being a former military wife I can attest that in the midst of the hardship of military life, there truly is magic and beauty to be found).

This was our goal as we approached this fine art family portrait session – to capture the grandeur and beauty of this Marine interacting with his little girls whom he loves so dearly.  And not to mention his gorgeous wife who has stood behind him through thick and thin!  The love they share is obvious in everything they do, and it was so much fun to spend some time in downtown Wilmington with this beautiful family!

Wilmington NC Photographer-1

Wilmington NC Photographer-2

Wilmington NC Photographer-3

Wilmington NC Photographer-4

Wilmington NC Photographer-5

Wilmington NC Photographer-6

Wilmington NC Photographer-7

Wilmington NC Photographer-9

Wilmington NC Photographer-10

Wilmington NC Photographer-11

Wilmington Photographer-16

Wilmington Photographer-15

Wilmington Photographer Dress Blues-17

What is more precious than a sweet girl dancing with her Daddy?  Sometimes, being the photographer at these family portrait sessions, I just have to take a moment and breathe because the beauty of what is unfolding before my lens is so incredible. While we were at it, we had to get some whimsical shots of just little Lexi in her beautiful dress.  I love children’s photography because kids are so real and genuine and you can capture the most intense emotion on their little faces!

Wilmington NC Photographer-8

Wilmington NC Photographer-12

Wilmington Photographer-13

Wilmington Children Photographer-14

And of course, to top it all off, we had to get some sunset pictures with the USS North Carolina Battleship off in the background.  Such beautiful love in such beautiful locations – you can’t beat it!

Wilmington Family Photographer-22

Wilmington Family Photographer-23

Wilmington Photographer-20

Wilmington Photographer-21

Wilmington Photographer-24

Wilmington Photographer-25




If you are looking for a custom family photographer in Wilmington, NC please let me know!  I would love to create beautiful, timeless art for you, too!