Wilmington, NC photographer | Maternity photography

I love, love, love it when clients come back for pictures, and I have the incredible privilege of watching their family grow.

This family holds a very special place in my heart, and I’ve done lots of photo sessions for them over the years.  In fact, their living room could totally be a gallery display for my business, not even kidding!!  So when I had the opportunity to document adding baby number 3 to their family (yes, another girl!), I was thrilled!

Wilmington, NC maternity photography

Wilmington, NC maternity photography

We couldn’t help having some fun here because, you know, 3rd child… things just get a little crazy from time to time!

Wilmington, NC maternity photography

Wilmington, NC maternity photography







Nicole is a Wilmington, NC photographer specializing in capturing those real, unscripted moments.  Maternity photography is offered as an add-on to newborn photography sessions.  If you are interested in documenting some family memories of your own, please contact me to set up a consultation today!

Waiting for baby brother | Maternity | Wilmington NC Photographer

One of my most favorite, FAVORITE things about being a photographer is the opportunity to meet so many amazing people.  And then to watch their families grow.  I have had the incredible privilege of being invited into so many lives, and I’m so honored and so thankful for every beautiful moment I’ve been privileged to be a part of.

I first met this awesome family when I photographed their military homecoming.  There are not many more emotional moments I’ve experienced than a military homecoming, and this was no different.

But now, to get Courtney’s message saying they are expecting a baby boy, and would I take maternity pictures for them?  Yes! Of course!  I was so excited!



Wilmington NC maternity photography

As you can see, this baby is already so, SO loved.   If there’s one thing I could wish for all the babies in the world, it would be to grow up with so many loving people around them, and this baby definitely has that awesome privilege.  What a beautiful, fun, loving family to be born into!  I enjoyed every minute tramping around downtown Wilmington with them for their maternity photography session.





Nicole is a custom lifestyle newborn and family photographer serving Wilmington, NC and surrounding areas.

Wilmington, NC Photographer | Baby Gender Reveal Video

One of the greatest privileges of being a photographer is working with returning clients.  This time, we collaborated on a fun baby gender reveal session.  What an honor it is to share in these special moments and document them with my camera!  I first met Beth when she brought her sweet baby girl in for newborn pictures a couple years ago.  (You can see Aubrey’s newborn photography session on the blog, too!)  We’ve kept in touch, even though her family temporarily moved out of state, as did mine, and finally we found ourselves both back in the Wilmington, NC area again!  What a privilege to work with this sweet family again!

Beth is expecting #3 in just a few short weeks.  When the time came for her ultrasound, their tech put the big news into a sealed envelope which was delivered to me.  My job was to buy the right color of balloons – something I almost jinxed because they had written the word “boy” on a pink slip of paper, and it was really messing with my mind!!  Thankfully I did walk out of the store with the correct color.  Whew!  That was almost too much for this mommy brain (yes, I’m expecting my second in just a couple months, as well, and was then in the throes of morning sickness, which for me lasts all day, all night, and weeks longer than it typically should. Ugh.)

With that job out of the way, we met at a park in beautiful Wilmington, NC, and I had two awesome helpers deliver the fun news to Mom and Dad!  It was priceless to capture their reaction to the news.  I know this baby boy is going to be loved beyond measure.  He has such an awesome family!

After the session, I put together a fun video slideshow for them so they could share with their family and friends.  You can enjoy it here, too!

Of course, with Christmas coming up, we also had to get a few family pictures for Christmas cards, which we made fun with yummy Starbucks hot cocoas all around.

Wilmington NC photographer

Wilmington NC photographer

Wilmington NC photographer-16

Wilmington NC photographer-17

Wilmington NC photographer-18

If you’re looking for a Wilmington, NC photographer to capture some fun family memories for you, please drop me a line!


Greenville, SC photographer | maternity photography | waiting for little sister

What fun it was to spend time chasing memories with this family!  Little Theo is SO adorable, and although he didn’t really nap that afternoon, he was busy as a bee and happy as a lark.  What fun we had taking some maternity pictures.  In just a few short weeks, they will welcome a precious little girl into their family.

Greenville SC photographer--2

Greenville SC photographer-9906

Greenville SC photographer--3

Greenville SC photographer-0002

Greenville SC photographer-

Greenville SC photographer--4

Greenville SC photographer-9871

Greenville SC photographer-9881

Greenville SC photographer-9860

Greenville SC photographer-9836

Jacksonville, NC children photographer | Carter

I do a lot of newborn photography here, but one of the unexpected blessings of being a newborn photographer is that I get to know these babies’ big brothers and sisters, too!  I first met Carter at his little brother’s newborn photography session, and it has been so fun getting to know this family throughout the year as I help document milestones in their kids’ lives.  This summer, we spent some time focusing on Carter’s 5-year-old personality, and it was such fun!  Of course, we had to get some family pictures in, as well.  I’m thankful for this patriotic family and for all who serve our country so faithfully!

little boys with flags patriotic picture ideas

Jacksonville NC Children Photographer

Jacksonville NC Children Photographer

Jacksonville NC Children Photographer

Jacksonville NC Children Photographer

Jacksonville NC Children Photographer

Jacksonville NC Children Photographer

Jacksonville NC Children Photographer

Jacksonville NC Children Photographer

Jacksonville NC Children Photographer

Jacksonville NC Children Photographer


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