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If your child plays soccer in the Wilmington NC area, you are most likely already familiar with the stellar training program run by Superb Soccer. Today I want to introduce you to the family behind the business.


You may already know Dwight with his quiet, intentional conversation and excellent coaching skills and Kelly’s bright smile and wicked networking and organizational skills. And chances are, if you have been on the field training with them, you’ve already fallen in love with Isabella and Israel.




As I have grown to know this family, I am amazed at the ways they have combined their strengths to work together and create a successful family business that truly impacts their community in a positive way.

This particular Saturday morning, I spent a few hours with the Findlay family for an in-home, lifestyle documentary photography session in Wilmington, NC. We also had some conversations about running a family business:

It’s a challenge, sometimes, to keep “family time and business time separate without neglecting one or the other,” Kelly says but “just the fact that we are together” is one of her favorite things about it all.





















Through Superb Soccer, Dwight and Kelly have been able to impact the community in many ways. In addition to “offering students scholarships to attend our camps, we have been able to donate gift certificates and other items to school auctions to help the school raise money for school programs”, and they have had the opportunity to “build character and confidence in soccer players through character lessons.”








But perhaps the thing that has stood out to me the most as I’ve spent time with Dwight and Kelly is their intentionality in living out their faith, as well as instilling values in their own children. Kelly says they are teaching their children “Vision, perseverance, focus, drive/desire, the importance of building relationships, honoring and respecting people, the importance of focusing on the solution and not the problem, forgiveness and humility,” among other things as Isabella and Israel watch and work alongside their parents in serving the community.

























Nicole is a Wilmington, NC photographer specializing in capturing those real, unscripted moments.  If you are interested in documenting some family memories of your own, please contact me to talk about your very own Family Adventure session!

Wilmington, NC photographer | Maternity photography

I love, love, love it when clients come back for pictures, and I have the incredible privilege of watching their family grow.

This family holds a very special place in my heart, and I’ve done lots of photo sessions for them over the years.  In fact, their living room could totally be a gallery display for my business, not even kidding!!  So when I had the opportunity to document adding baby number 3 to their family (yes, another girl!), I was thrilled!

Wilmington, NC maternity photography

Wilmington, NC maternity photography

We couldn’t help having some fun here because, you know, 3rd child… things just get a little crazy from time to time!

Wilmington, NC maternity photography

Wilmington, NC maternity photography







Nicole is a Wilmington, NC photographer specializing in capturing those real, unscripted moments.  Maternity photography is offered as an add-on to newborn photography sessions.  If you are interested in documenting some family memories of your own, please contact me to set up a consultation today!

Wilmington, NC photographer | In-home family lifestyle photography

I think my greatest honor as a Wilmington, NC photographer, is to be invited into my clients’ homes.  To be trusted in that sacred space to create memories for them to treasure for the rest of their lives.  To document, in pictures, life as it is today.

This beautiful family invited me into their home to do just that.  Their family currently includes two foster children. (Out of respect for their privacy, their faces will not appear online, but the family received an ample supply of pictures of these littles in their online gallery!) Knowing how quickly life can change is all the more reason to remember and treasure these moments!

Wilmington NC Lifestyle Photographer-3

Wilmington NC lifestyle photographer

Wilmington, NC lifestyle photographer

I had SO much fun hanging out with these kids (and their parents, too)!  As their momma often says, FULL hands FULL heart perfectly describes her life caring for and loving all these beautiful children!

Wilmington NC Lifestyle Photographer-18

I came to their house in Wilmington, NC on a warm, spring Sunday afternoon. I was just in time to catch all the family fun that happens after nap time.  From game time to playing outside to baking cookies and jumping on beds, we didn’t miss a moment’s fun!  And what a special treat to have Lily show off her newly-acquired skill of reading!

Wilmington NC Lifestyle Photographer-6
Wilmington NC Lifestyle Photographer-7

Wilmington NC Lifestyle Photographer-10

Wilmington NC Lifestyle Photographer-11

Wilmington, NC lifestyle photographer

Wilmington NC Lifestyle Photographer-12

Wilmington NC Lifestyle Photographer-13

Wilmington NC Lifestyle Photographer-14

Wilmington NC Lifestyle Photographer-15

Wilmington NC Lifestyle Photographer-16

Wilmington, NC lifestyle photographer

Wilmington NC Lifestyle Photographer-33

Wilmington NC Lifestyle Photographer-34

Wilmington NC Lifestyle Photographer-35

Wilmington NC Lifestyle Photographer-36

Wilmington NC Lifestyle Photographer-38

Before each in-home family lifestyle photography session, I sit down with my clients (usually over the phone). I ask them to think about specific milestones each child has recently achieved.  We do our best to find a way to document those during our family lifestyle photography sessions, as well as any and all other things going on during that time!  It’s important to me to capture the meaningful events that define this time period in my clients’ lives, and talking beforehand about the different things each child is interested in or working on really helps me understand how to approach the session.

Wilmington NC Lifestyle Photographer-19

Wilmington NC Lifestyle Photographer-20

Wilmington NC Lifestyle Photographer-21

Wilmington NC Lifestyle Photographer-22

Wilmington NC Lifestyle Photographer-23

Wilmington NC Lifestyle Photographer-24

Wilmington NC Lifestyle Photographer-25

Wilmington NC Lifestyle Photographer-26

Wilmington NC Lifestyle Photographer-27

Wilmington NC Lifestyle Photographer-28

Wilmington NC Lifestyle Photographer-29

Wilmington NC Lifestyle Photographer-30

Wilmington NC Lifestyle Photographer-31

Wilmington NC Lifestyle Photographer-32

Nicole is a Wilmington, NC photographer specializing in capturing those real, unscripted moments.  If you are interested in documenting some family memories of your own, please contact me to talk about your very own Family Adventure session!


Wilmington, NC Photographer | Maternity mini session

It’s amazing how many awesome friends I’ve made since becoming a photographer in Wilmington, NC.  I’ve met some pretty incredible people doing the work that I do, and it’s always such a privilege to be invited to share in a small part of their lives.

I’ve also met some pretty amazing photographers along the way!  One of these photographers is Jessica of Jessica McAndrews Photography, currently located in Stafford, VA.  But she was in the Wilmington area before she moved, and that’s when we first met.

Wilmington NC photographer

What’s even more fun is that we were having babies (her third, my second) due a month apart.  I was having a boy – she was waiting to find out the gender of her baby until birth – something I’m not brave or patient enough to do!

But since we are both newborn and family photographers in the Wilmington, NC area, we thought it would be fun to do each others’ maternity pictures!  We met one warm(ish) March afternoon for pictures at the beautiful Arboretum in Wilmington, NC.  She did such a great job with our pictures, and captured some really great moments.  I especially love the pictures she got of me with my firstborn – a special relationship that was about to change (for the better – but still – a dramatic change!) with the addition of baby #2.  I’m including my favorite here so you can see what I mean!  <3

Photo Credit: Jessica McAndrews Photography
Photo Credit: Jessica McAndrews Photography

Anyway, back to HER maternity pictures… she was a month ahead of me, but she still looked so adorable.  Honestly, there’s not much more beautiful to me than a woman literally giving away her body for the sake of growing another human being.  It’s not a fun process.  There’s all kids of pain and discomfort and puking and little feet pounding on organs and just about everything else uncomfortable.  But it’s priceless.

And we mommas do it willingly, excitedly, passionately looking forward to the birth of our sweet babies.  So yes, go hug your mom.

Wilmington NC photographer

Wilmington NC photographer

Wilmington NC photographer

Wilmington NC photographer

Wilmington NC photographer

Wilmington NC photographer

Oh, and by the way… she had a boy!

Nicole is a family lifestyle photographer in Wilmington, NC.  Maternity photography is offered as and add-on to lifestyle newborn photography sessions.

Wilmington, NC photographer | Lifestyle photography | Fine Art Portraits

I spend a lot of time with little kids.  Well, like 24/7 with my own littles, to be honest.  But then I end up doing a lot of newborn photography, and lots of the families I photograph have young children, as well.

And I love it.

I can be totally myself with little kids, and they love me anyway.  I can be super goofy, make weird faces, whatever.  And they just smile.  And laugh.  (Maybe they are laughing AT me, but either way… they laugh!)

But every now and then, I get the opportunity to do family portraits for a family with older children.  And I really love that, too.  In fact, I’m always so surprised by how quickly we get through a bunch of poses, because when I do a fine art portrait session with little ones, it tends to take waaayyy longer to coax them into place, make them laugh AND look in the right direction… you get the feeling.

Wilmington, NC Photographer

So this family.  One of my favorites.  I met Peyton when her mom called me about getting her started in piano lessons (yes, I teach piano on the side, too!).  She has been one of my hardest-working students, and excels at everything she puts her hand to.  She has some amazing support from both her parents, and I was privileged to work with her for several years at the piano.  Alas, all good things come to an end, and I no longer have that privilege as they have moved onto their next phase of life in another state.

But before they moved, just a few weeks after I gave birth to my second little guy, we squeezed in a family portrait session.  It was hotter than hot that day, but these guys were totally troopers and didn’t complain a bit.  I, on the other hand, nearly dropped from heat exhaustion.  Not kidding.

But we got some amazing family pictures in beautiful Wilmington, NC, and it was great to send them off in this way!  Miss you, Peyton and family!

Arboretum Wilmington, NC

Wilmington, NC Photographer

Wilmington, NC Photographer

Wilmington, NC Photographer

Wilmington, NC Photographer

Wilmington, NC Photographer

Wilmington, NC Photographer

Wilmington, NC Photographer

Wilmington, NC Photographer

Wilmington, NC Photographer

Wilmington, NC Photographer

Wilmington, NC Photographer

Nicole is a family lifestyle photographer in Wilmington, NC.  She specializes in lifestyle newborn and family photography and has a flair for capturing those beautiful, REAL moments with children and their parents.